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robHey, how’s it going?

I’ve written up this short story about myself for a reason. Why? When you get emails from a person you feel like you know a little about, you will look forward to them, instead of just brushing them aside.

We’ve all got a story with highs and lows and each one is generally unique and interesting, some funny, some sad. Well mine is a bit of a roller coaster and I’ve included it below.

Before I get started I want to tell you that information alone in the IM game won’t get you success. The reason? There are so many different ways to make loads of money online. You need to make choices about which method? Who to follow? And you also need to find a reliable source of information.

There’s nothing worse than a stranger hitting up your inbox!

You know how it is; you get loads of emails in your inbox, you sign up for some free gift and then get loads of emails without knowing a thing about that person… maybe not even their real name.

I want to be different here.

I don’t want to just be another name in your inbox screaming at you to ACT NOW.
I have good strategies and techniques and I want to share them with you to achieve your financial dreams and create a lifestyle you love.

So here it is the story

I lost $25,000.

So I moved to the UK from sunny Australia with $25,000 in the bank and ready to take on the world.
Little did I realise the adventure that I was in for. Being a somewhat naive 25 year old fresh out of uni I went into “business” with a 40-year old fella who turned out to be quite the shyster… after spending 5 months and all my savings setting up a crappy website with a few emails, chasing a dream he promised, I realised that when he escaped back to Australia leaving me with nothing but a promise to send me some money that maybe I had made the wrong decision.

In that time I proposed to my girlfriend. She was very happy.

Then I told her that this fine fellow and left the country never to be seen again. She was very angry.

I spent 6 months trying to make the website work.

Once this guy went back to Australia, I spent another 6 months trying to breathe life into a dead website. I was sure it would work, I huffed and puffed with the odd sale here and the odd success there until I finally saw it for what it was and gave up. It was hard to let something go that was built around a dream and I spent my savings on (the website wasn’t worth $25,000 but with exchange rate and living expenses while I worked on it or concepts related to it, that money was gone in about 5 months).

The nine words that changed my life…

I knew people were making great money on the internet and I knew that I could too. I just hadn’t figured out how yet. I kept coming across the saying … “find what people want and give it to them”….”find what people want and give it to them” finally the penny dropped and I realised three things:

1) Find what people want and give it to them
2) I wasn’t successful previously because no one wanted what I had
3) I was now only going to give people what THEY want instead of what I thought was cool or they wanted.

Wow what a massive change that was!

The money started rolling in. I was promoting obscure products in the men’s health niche, products in the Forex niche and guess what? People were buying these because people wanted these and were willing to pay for them.
I never gave up though.

I got married.

I changed jobs.

I moved houses.

A lot happened, but I never gave up studying, learning and believing it could happen.

I’m pretty pleased now that I endured and I am free to make choices that help me create a great lifestyle for my wife and I.


Stay in touch,

Rob Stafford

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